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PODExplorer is (yet another) Windows based editor for the Line6 POD.
Features include:

Update: Release 1.0 is now here. It addresses a few bugs and adds a few minor features (see the help/release notes). Users of the beta release are advised to upgrade due to some problems with saving/sending patches.

PODExplorer - Release 1.0 (January 2004)

System requirements:
  • Win9x or later (tested on Windows 98 and Windows 2000)
  • Windows compatible Soundcard w/MIDI adapter or dedicated MIDI interface, properly installed and configured
  • 800x600 min. video resolution for patch editor
click here to download (1,158k)
(zipped installation files)
Browse the help files here.

PODExplorer was developed privately and tested using a POD Pro. Compatibility with other Line6/POD related products has not been determined. Basic help is also included in HTML format (see link above). Please do spend some time going over that. Many of your questions will likely be answered there.

Screen shots...

To the right is the main window which includes the file explorer and the session activity log.

Select "Get All Patches" from the POD Operations menu to build your backup library:

You'll be prompted where to save your files:

Watch the session activity log for messages as you work. Press F10 (or use the menu) to retrieve the POD's current patch buffer. It will arrive in the log where you can then select it and open it in an editor. Or save it directly from the log.

This is the editor window showing you every parameter in a clear and simple format:

That's all so far... hope you enjoy using the editor. More features to come so stay tuned!

Thanks and enjoy!
Glenn Thomas, 2004

Last updated on Monday January 10, 2011